In the beginning

by itsprounoucedhansmann

There were probably a few words. Or at least gestures and guttural noises when our neanderthalian brethren became self-conscious enough to stop looking at one another for things other than sex.  At some moment they communicated. One ape looks at the other ape and says, “A man walks into a talent agent’s office.” And the rest went on from there to be what we as humans have become today. Long history short, some good things were done, some bad things were done, but really, after the invention of the internet, wasn’t it all worth it? Unlimited communication potential. Wow. Anytime, pretty much everywhere on the globe, you can talk to your family, your friends, your lawyer, your kids, twitter, its amazing really, when you think about it, really sit back and take in the whole whammo of it all. 

More to come